About this site

Since 2008, I have been involved with implementing many large-scale Adobe® AEM (previously CQ5) projects for numerous clients and industries, including the largest hotel chain in the UK, major international airlines, breakfast cereal manufacturers, major credit card companies, and professional sporting leagues at one of the largest global digital marketing agencies in the world.   When I’m not working on our agency-specific projects, I have assisted other corporations with their Adobe AEM projects through professional services consulting.

People only call professional services in two situations: at the beginning of a project when they’re just getting started, or when they’ve gone off the beaten path and gotten stuck.  While it might be the shiny, flawlessly executed case study that wins new business for the agency, it’s saving the project in trouble that gives you the experience to execute your future project the right way, every time.  Here I will share all of the insider knowledge gained from these projects in crisis.   I will focus on best practices, performance, and usability so you can learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid them on your site.

Do you know…

  • Your AEM project should be developed in a certain order?
  • You can save 20-30% development time on your next AEM project by using a few basic tips on your current project?
  • 5 components you should create now to start your reusable library of components?
  • The best way to organize and categorize your sidekick and templates for increased author usability?
  • When to migrate content from an existing platform to AEM and when to start over?
  • The correct way to structure your site and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to support multiple sites, languages, or regions?
  • How to tune your site for performance using a robust caching strategy and simple tips from Yahoo!?
  • The right way to retrieve and display dynamic content?

…you will.


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