The Best Way to Test Targeting and Personalization in Adobe AEM

I recently implemented Targeting and Segmentation for a client using third-party targeting and personalization provider, Demandbase.  Demandbase stores vast amounts of information about companies, such as revenue range, major industry vertical (manufacturing, asset management, entertainment, etc), number of employees, region, and more.  When a visitor requests a page in Adobe AEM, the Demandbase API performs a look-up based on the visitor’s IP address and populates the ClientContext object with the various attributes in AEM for use in your Targeting segments. Then, targeted content is shown to the visitor when it matches the segment.

Our client has a huge library of whitepapers stored in the DAM and wanted to show “Recommended” whitepapers specific to the visitor’s industry.  That is, if a visitor from Wells Fargo visits the page, then we would show an Asset Management-specific whitepaper to them, since that is their primary industry.

I configured the various segments for each targeted industry, created content specific to those industries, and am now ready to test.  Wait? How do you actually test the content switching capabilities for each major industry based an IP address?

Client Context

1. You can use the Client Context to change a value manually – which is NOT actually a valid test. This only forces a value from the Client Context to assume a new value. Below I forced the value of my Industry to be “Non-profit” and content was changed on the page – but, it wasn’t changed by actually interrogating my IP address and switching dynamically. And it did not test it from the Dispatcher side as the visitor would see, only the Author instance.



Phone a Friend

You can call all of your friends in various Industries to visit the page and report back what they see. This probably works, but I don’t have that many friends.

The Best Way

You can spoof your IP addressing using a Firefox Add-On.


  • Visit the page with the teased content. You should now see the targeted content based on values gathered from the users IP address.  Use the IP address from a company in a known industry to see that they would see if visiting the page.

You can convert a company’s host name to their IP address with online tools such as Host to IP Address found here.

One thought on “The Best Way to Test Targeting and Personalization in Adobe AEM

  1. Are you still happy with your DemandBase use in AEM? We are starting to look into this as one option. Have you tried Adobe Target?

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